highlights dangers of online spying bill C-13 (video)

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      Bill C-13 is called the Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act.

      But, according to, it's Canadians who need to be protected from this legislation.

      The group's latest video argues the bill will make it easier for the federal government to spy on Canadians' online activities while "threatening free speech on the Internet".

      Meanwhile, the Department of Justice says it's a "myth" that the legislation will "inevitably result in an increase in the tracking of Canadians and/or the interception of their communications".

      Introduced by Minister of Justice Peter MacKay, Bill C-13 is at the second reading stage in the House of Commons. likes to use different domain names for its campaigns, so its online petition on this issue is at




      Mar 6, 2014 at 11:40am

      Bill C-13 won't stop any real criminals who can just tunnel traffic through I2p/Tor and break into remote desktops (RDP) to conceal their activity.

      It will target journalists, pipeline dissenters, whistleblowers and academics criticizing the feds who are foolish enough to not hide their identity behind layers of tunneled connections. “Reasonable grounds for suspicion” is the only thing needed in order to start spying on anybody they want, no more court orders.