Rick Mercer loves Jann Arden in peril

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      Rick Mercer loves to see singer Jann Arden freaking out. Then again, who doesn't?

      Well, it may have never crossed your mind but after watching the following clips from the Rick Mercer Report, you'll see what I mean.

      He's featured her on his show several times, trying out activities that involve heights or speed (not the drugs—yet). Oh, and fear.

      On a February episode of the Rick Mercer Report, Rick takes Jann to a wallclimbing gym. The ensuing antics turn out to be entertaining (and pretty much sums up my first experience a few years ago—sadly, not much has changed for me on return visits).

      In another episode, Rick took Jann to Calgary's Canada Olympic Park to try out North America's fastest zipline. Adding to the freaky factor, riders even have to wear parachutes.

      Acrophobes will probably get the willies watching this next one, when Rick took Jann to the top of the CN Tower in Toronto for EdgeWalk, a walk along the edge of the roof of the CN Tower's restaurant, which is only a mere 1,168 feet above ground. (You have to hand it to her for doing what most people would never do.)

      If one thing's for certain, Jann Arden is brave. Not to mention a good sport. Albeit a noisy one.