North Vancouver RCMP: Pot brownies aren’t for kids

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      Breaking news: Students in North Vancouver are eating "special" brownies and crispy squares.

      North Vancouver RCMP sent out a news release today (April 29) to tell the world that "several" Grade 10 students at two high schools "became sick" after consuming marijuana-infused foods. Apparently, one kid ended up visiting the hospital (presumably not to use the vending machines).

      Here's the big scary quote from RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Richard De Jong:

      Making these edibles widely available and normalized can be very tempting to children. The allure of these marijuana edibles, which taste and look like simple sweets, makes them especially risky.

      Pot brownies can be "especially risky".
      North Vancouver RCMP

      It's worth noting the handy ingredient list included with the reefer crispy square in the police photo. Perhaps we just need a "contains marijuana" logo for this stuff, just like those certified organic and gluten-free symbols you see on boxes of not-so-special cookies.

      That combined with a warning label might do the trick. You know: "May cause laughter, introspection, paranoia, and increased appetite. Keep out of reach of children." Maybe.