How walkable is your Vancouver neighbourhood?

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      Downtown Vancouver is the best neighbourhood in the city for walking. Oakridge is the worst.

      That's according to Walk Score, a website that rates the walkability of places. The City of Vancouver tweeted today (May 1) the above map, based on Walk Score data, from its @VanSocialPolicy account.

      The city has an average Walk Score of 78, with northern neighbourhoods tending to score better than southern ones.

      A Walk Score of between 50 and 69 means a place is "somewhat walkable", 70 to 89 equals "very walkable", and 90 to 100 denotes a "walker’s paradise". No Vancouver neighbourhoods get a "car-dependent" score of 49 or less.

      The Walk Score site also offers Transit Score ratings. The city's average is 74 ("excellent transit").

      Downtown scores the best for transit, at 98 ("rider’s paradise"). Dunbar-Southlands has the worst Transit Score, at 54 ("good transit").

      You can find out the Walk Score and Transit Score for your home or workplace by typing in the address on the site's homepage.



      Jhenifer @ City of Vancouver

      May 1, 2014 at 2:47pm

      Hi Stephen - Jhenifer from the City of Vancouver's social media team here. Just wanted to mention that the Walkscore map was tweeted as part of the larger Healthy City For All strategy that the city is currently engaging the public on. One of the 12 targets of the strategy, called "Environments to Thrive In," aims to bring all neighbourhoods up to a Walkscore of 70.

      People are encouraged to explore our Healthy City goals and targets and share their ideas on how to reach them at - there's three in-person events too, the next one on May 5 in Trout Lake!

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      May 1, 2014 at 5:11pm

      I have difficulty with such a high walkability rating in the DT WE. Therarre far too many obstacles on an already very narrow sidewalk...tables, chairs. Bime racks, huge numbers of sandwichboard... A lot of wich are pushes to mid sidewalk... Then add throngs of pedestrians, scooters, bicycles, walkers, skateboards, strollers & carriages + store tables and it all makes for hazardous & s..l..o..w going... Walking @ the rate of 5 meters /hr is not going tgive any health benifits. THAT said.... Everything you need is within walking distance... Which is excellent... It's just a matter of the crawl to get there

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