Gregor Robertson should be relieved Anna’s hummingbird isn’t running for mayor

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      If we lived in certain parts of the U.S., we'd be seeing a Draft Anna's Hummingbird campaign by now.

      You see, Calypte anna is running away with Vancouver's city bird election. The Anna's hummingbird has amassed an impressive 100,468 online votes (the paper ballots haven't yet been counted)—and there's still nine days left to vote.

      For comparison, Mayor Gregor Robertson only got 77,005 votes in the 2011 civic election. You heard that right: a three to four-inch bird has already garnered at least 23,000 more votes than Vision Vancouver's meal ticket.

      Of course, like NPA—sadly, that doesn't stand for Non-Partisan Avianscouncillor George Affleck and Suzanne Anton before him, the Anna's hummingbird is at the top of an alphabetically ordered ballot, which may account for a few of his votes. (Yes, Anna's hummingbird is a dude.)

      Even the Anna's hummingbird's closest competitor, the varied thrush, has 89,209 votes. That'd be more than enough to knock Robertson out of his worship's throne. 

      Lucky for Robertson, nonhuman animals can't run for mayor in the City of Vancouver. Did you hear that sigh of relief from the mayor's office?

      PS: Vote northern flicker.



      Save Vancouver

      May 1, 2014 at 10:13pm

      Well, I do hear that they share the same IQ.