Artists invited to SFU Harbour Centre in advance of May 10 No Enbridge rally

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      Opponents of the proposed Enbridge pipeline from the Alberta tarsands to Kitimat will be at SFU Harbour Centre today (May 3) making signs for next weekend's Saturday's (May 10) giant rally at Sunset Beach.

      Today's event, known as Art Build, is encouraging creative activists and concerned citizens to create compelling visuals. It runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

      "We've got people from all walks of life coming down to get creative and make posters and signs for the rally," ForestEthics Advocacy spokesperson Ben West told the Straight in an interview at English Bay. "The ones I'm personally excited about are these mock wind turbines that have a little bike parts on them. So they actually spin." 

      West added that he's looking forward to seeing spinning wind turbines at the rally on the following weekend.

      These art works are being designed to demonstrate that there are better alternatives for producing electricity than shipping oil by pipeline or by rail.

      West's ForestEthics Advocacy colleague, Sven Biggs, told the Straight that he's expecting an overwhelming outpouring of opposition to the Northern Gateway project.

      "I think we're just really excited to be able to provide the folks here in Vancouver an opportunity to let the Conservatives know what they really think about Enbridge." Biggs said.

      The Conservative cabinet is expected to announce a decision on the pipeline proposal within the next few weeks.