Deaf activist Landon Krentz's perspective on ASL interpreters

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      Vancouver-based deaf-queer activist Landon Krentz is raising awareness about deaf and hard-of-hearing experiences and issues in a variety of ways.

      He created a series of social media self-portraits, and he also made the video below to provide his personal perspective about issues related to the role of American Sign Language interpreters.

      Krentz, who works in arts and culture adminstration, discusses subjects such as professional boundaries of interpreters, the need for interpreters to specialize in diverse areas of expertise, and maintaining connections with the community.

      "I am bilaterally profoundly Deaf and I am hoping to create more community dialogues around all kinds of issues," he tells the Georgia Straight.

      He also adds that there is also a large need for more people from various backgrounds and identities (particularly males and people of colour) to become ASL interpreters in order to expand diversity.