Vancouver maintains fifth position in global quality of life rankings

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      Canada's biggest cities continued to rank higher than the top American cities in Mercer's annual global quality of living survey.

      Vancouver held on to its fifth place position in an evaluation of 230 cities and continued to be the top North American city.

      Vienna, Zurich, Auckland, and Munich all scored higher than Vancouver and European cities dominated the top 10.

      Meanwhile, Toronto took the 15th spot, Ottawa came in 17th, and Montreal 23rd—all higher than the top U.S. city: San Francisco at number 28.

      Calgary came in 32nd place.

      This year's survey factored in personal safety for the first time. All five Canadian cities which were included in the survey came in at 16th place while no U.S. cities made the top 50 in this category.

      Singapore is Asia's highest ranking city, at 26th place.

      The lowest scoring cities were Damascus (229) and Baghdad, which came in last place.

      The top 10 cities are:

      1. Vienna, Austria

      2. Zurich, Switzerland

      3. Auckland, New Zealand

      4. Munich, Germany

      5. Vancouver, Canada

      6. Dusseldorf, Germany

      7. Frankfurt, Germany

      8. Geneva, Switzerland

      9. Copenhagen, Denmark

      10. Sydney, Australia

      Meanwhile, the 10 least desirable cities are:

      221. Conakry, Guinea

      222. Kinshasa, Congo, Democratic Republic of

      223. Brazzaville, Congo, Republic of

      224. Damascus, Syria

      225. N'Djamena, Chad

      226. Khartoum, Sudan

      227. Port-au-Prince, Haiti

      228. Sana'a, Yemen

      229. Bangui, Central African Republic

      230. Baghdad, Iraq