TV show talking heads fight about Michael Sam gay kiss

The Broadcast, not to be confused with The View, is a Dallas TV morning show that features a panel of women chatting about current issues.

This time, the issue was the kiss (broadcast on ESPN) that Michael Sam gave to his boyfriend when he became the first openly gay man drafted into the NFL.

Things got so heated during The Broadcast discussion that one of the cohosts, Amy Kushnir (ostensibly playing the role of Elisabeth Hasselbeck), got so pissed off, she stormed off set. She goes, girl! 

Meanwhile, the curmudgeonly and appropriately named Suzie Humphreys humphs that people don't have the right to express how they feel if it offends someone else. She tries to argue for freedom of speech.

While people do have the right to express if they are offended by something, it was the manner in which the players (who were fined for tweeting homophobic statements) expressed themselves. She also ignores the fact that the examples in question were professional athletes belonging to organizations (which they were fined by). 

Kushnir tries to argue that if the opinion does not go along with the mainstream, it is shut down. (It's not about being mainstream, Amy—it's about not being discriminatory.)

Also, if you're planning on expressing discriminatory attitudes, you can't expect other people, particularly against those who it discriminates against, to withhold views in opposition to that.

Meanwhile, over on CNN, Dallas sports newscaster Dale Hansen argued with Ken Blackwell of the Family Research Council, a Christian organization which opposes LGBT rights, about the kiss.

Hansen, if you might remember, spoke out in support of Sam, and criticized those who were hypocritical about Sam coming out as gay, pointing out how rapists, abusive men, and killers are accepted by the NFL but gay men are not.

Blackwell said he thought it was "inappropriate and over the top". He also called it "orchestrated" and not a spontaneous expression of joy (apparently only straight people are able to do that). His arguments sometimes echo Kushnir's.

Dale Hansen also spoke on Hansen Unplugged again about his thoughts on the reaction to Sam.

In the meantime, for parents like Kushnir who are concerned that their children might see two men, like Sam and his boyfriend, kiss on TV, this instructional video provides educational advice about how to handle a discussion about such issues in an appropriate and sensitive matter between parents and children.


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Sep 3, 2014 at 9:00am

There are gay people, and they kiss each other. They even do (gasp!) more than that! People need to get over themselves and get over it. I don't understand where people get this fierce fear of homosexuality. From a place of unhappiness, that much is for sure.


Nov 29, 2014 at 3:53pm

I think homophobic people are just jealous that LGBTs are hella more hotter than they will ever be.