Culver City Salads crowdfunding solar-powered food truck

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      At Culver City Salads, the food is vegan, features local and organic produce, and comes in compostable packaging. But even this food truck and delivery service could be greener.

      Run by Christina Culver, Sarah Culver, and Jesse Savath, Culver City Salads has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to take its environmental friendliness to the next level. Its fundraising goal is $20,000:

      Our goal for this project is to convert the our salad truck to a completely sustainable model. We will install energy efficient fridges that use 1/20th the energy of our existing fridges. We’ll install solar panels on the roof and replace our batteries with clean ones.

      Culver City Salads is offering salad cards (redeemable for future meals) to the first people who donate certain amounts.

      According to its Indiegogo page, the solar panels will cost $9,000. The rest of the funds will go toward new fridges, clean batteries, retrofitting, and construction.

      The campaign ends on June 18. At time of writing, it had raised $2,000.