Bitcoin ATM comes to Steamrollers on Robson Street

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      Robson Street shoppers can now easily buy bitcoins while they're out looking for the latest clothing manufactured by multinational corporations.

      The fast-food joint Steamrollers at 1195 Robson Street is home to Vancouver's newest Bitcoin ATM.

      Such ATMs are also found at Waves Coffee House (100-900 Howe Street) and Quadriga CX (332 Water Street) in the city.

      Like the one at Quadriga CX, Steamrollers' ATM is a Lamassu Bitcoin Machine that exchanges Canadian dollars for bitcoins but not the other way around.

      According to CoinDesk, the new ATM is owned by Yuri Yerofeyev, a director of the Bitcoin Co-op. It uses the VirtEx exchange rate and will charge a commission of five percent once the promotional three-percent rate ends.

      Steamrollers is a chain that serves "west-coast style burritos" cooked with steam. Its Robson location accepts bitcoins for food purchases too.