Khatsahlano party pictures

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      This year's Khatsahlano festival lineup included a big surprise when it was announced last night at The Bimini on West 4th Avenue.

      The Poppy Family's Susan Jacks will appear at the free annual summer street fest with original band members Craig McCaw and percussionist Satwant Singh, along with members of the New Pornographers, Destroyer, and Lightning Dust.

      Khatsahlano, which takes place on July 12, celebrates local independent music on several West 4th Avenue stages between Balsam and Burrard streets.

      This year marks the return of last year's Georgia Straight cover boy, Nardwuar the Human Serviette, and his pals in the Evaporators.

      The festival also features a ton of other local bands, which you can read about in Adrian Mack's fine article, which appeared in this week's print edition of the Georgia Straight.

      For those who only like to look at pictures, scroll down to check out who attended last night's party at The Bimini.

      Music producer John Donnelly and Zulu Records owner Grant McDonough are two of the maestros behind the festival.
      Charlie Smith
      West 4th Avenue Business Association president Susan Braverman snuggles with master stylist and colourist Wade Knutson.
      Charlie Smith
      The Georgia Straight's Dawn Searle and Andrea Polz genuinely like each other. They really do!
      Charlie Smith
      The Georgia Straight's Miranda Nelson keeps a safe distance away from music writer Gregory Adams for reasons we won't get into now.
      Charlie Smith
      Writer Michael Mann (right) wishes he were as famous as Brad Damsgaard of the Wayward Hearts.
      Charlie Smith
      The Arrival Agency's Danny Fazio thought if he stayed in the shadows, he might avoid the camera's glare. He was wrong.
      Charlie Smith