Smell like a Viking with Norse Power deodorant

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      Visit York and the Jorvik Viking Centre have teamed up to create a body-spray deodorant that purportedly recreates what a Viking would have smelled like.

      Possible scent notes include mead, blood and gore, smoke, seawater, mud, human sweat, fresh pine, animal meat, fruits, and nuts.

      When asked about the peculiar combination of scents, Visit York marketing manager Michelle Brown said that "historical research indicates that the Vikings were quite particular about personal hygiene, especially when compared to the Anglo Saxons. But even so, this only meant washing once a week, which by today’s standards isn’t exactly the height of cleanliness! And for a Viking raider, who’d travelled hundreds of miles over land and sea, and spent their days fighting bloody skirmishes, it’s fair to say they wouldn’t always have carried the most alluring aromas around with them."

      I'll file this under things I wish I had known about before my honeymoon in England.