When gay people say what straight people tell them

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      This is what it sounds like when gay guys say the things that straight people say to them.

      Comedian Daniel-Ryan Spalding, originally from Vancouver (now based in Europe), riffs on the Shit People Say meme but flips what straight guys say about gay people back to them.

      Some are a bit obvious but other expose the prejudicial basis (and ridiculousness) of certain comments about gay people.

      If you know some people who don't really get what's wrong with some of the things they're saying about gay folks, try showing them this video. 

      The only expression that's missing is the "I'm not homophobic—I have gay friends" defense. Besides, how is that a defense when everyone has gay friends whether they realize it or not? (Not to mention when some of them are gay, whether they realize it or not.)


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      May 24, 2014 at 11:52am

      LOL, I loved it when he was mocking straight speech. Guys, gay or straight, tend to relate by ripping on each other so this was hilarious to me. We need more jokes from gay dudes about straight dudes, we gotta even things up a bit more.