Fashion Student Spotlight: Cherry Lu's multi-functional IMPERFECT made for independent women

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      By Tina Liu

      Cherry Lu’s IMPERFECT lifestyle apparel collection is, well, imperfect.

      Designed with individuality and versatility in mind, the final-year fashion design and technology student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University has created garments that can be detached, reversed, and worn multiple ways.

      An international student, Lu’s interest in fashion was influenced by her parents, a fine arts background in print media and photography, and a diploma in fashion merchandising from the Blanche MacDonald Centre.  She believes that all the experiences she’s had in her life have helped her grow into a strong, independent person, and that clothing should reflect personal growth and identity.

      IMPERFECT will be unveiled at 2016 The Show: The Final Cut, presented by Tamoda Apparel Inc., on April 6 and 7 at the Imperial Vancouver (319 Main Street). Thirty-five other lines by Kwantlen Polytechnic University fashion design and technology students will also be showcased.

      For event details, visit, or follow @kpu_fashion on Twitter and @kputheshow on Instagram.

      Tina Liu: Describe your collection.

      Cherry Lu: My collection is a lifestyle brand for sophisticated and independent women made up of multi-purpose leisure wear. I developed “imperfect” ways of wearing my products, including detachable, 360- and 180-degree modes. For example, a garment labeled 180 degrees can be worn two ways by switching the front and back.

      TL: What was the inspiration behind your line?

      CL: The background for my collection is cross-culturalism and identity. I want to spread the value of appreciating difference. Clothing is an expression that gives people a sense of security in presenting their identity to society. I like to add emotional attachment to innovative designs to empower individuality.

      TL: What is the theme of your collection?

      CL: There are always ups and downs throughout our lives. I want to embrace not only the positives but the negatives we face in life, as we can always learn from them. It is okay to fall, but after that we need to have strength in order to break through the difficulties.

      TL: What are your plans after graduation?

      CL: I would like to stay in Canada after graduation. As an international student, my first priority is to apply for a working permit in order to settle down. I hope to find a job in Vancouver, especially in the pattern-drafting field.

      TL: What aspect of design are you most passionate about in your creative process?

      CL: I am really passionate about the art of solving design and pattern puzzles. Before coming to KPU, I knew nothing about drafting or sewing, but I discovered my talent after I attended sewing camp for a week. In my creative process, I like to start with brainstorming some concepts, then bring them to life through observation, research and experience. My favourite part is deconstructing all the puzzles and reconstructing them into real products.

      Tina Liu is a final-year fashion design and technology student at KPU’s Wilson School of Design.

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