Bike to Work Week sees record number of cyclists in spring 2014

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      Did you two-wheel it to the office during Bike to Work Week (May 26 to June 1)? If so, you were in good company.

      HUB Cycling says its spring 2014 edition of Bike to Work Week smashed records, with 7,579 registrants, including 1,668 newbies.

      Compare that to spring 2013, which saw 4,604 registrants in Metro Vancouver.

      Almost 600 organizations fielded workplace teams, and 58 percent of registrants were women.

      The following organizations won awards for the best Bike to Work Week results in their category:

      • Best (size 1-10): Boni Maddison Architects
      • Best (size 11-25): AMS Bike Coop
      • Best (size 26-100): Zaber Technologies
      • Best (101-250): Automotive Fuel Cell Corporation
      • Best (251-500): Arc'teryx
      • Best (501-1000): City of North Vancouver
      • Best (size 1000+): University of British Columbia
      • Best in School: Hamber Secondary School
      • Best in Health: Vancouver Coastal Health
      • Best in Business: Mountain Equipment Coop
      • Best in Other: BC Hydro
      • Best in Not for Profit: Science World
      • Best in Higher Education: University of British Columbia
      • Best in Government: City of Vancouver

      HUB has put on Bike to Work Week since 2007 in order to promote commuter cycling.


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      Jun 6, 2014 at 12:44pm

      I'm one of the 1668 newbies. I've been surprised at just how many other cyclists gather at each red light. I was in a group of 8 waiting to get on the Burrard bridge one morning and in a group of 11 waiting at a red light on Hornby shortly after 5PM. I've also been surprised how quickly I can get to work. I'm in poor physical condition and burn out really quickly on hills, but I can cover the 9km from my garage to the bike room beneath my office in just half an hour. Getting home involves more hills so it takes 40 minutes, but I'm not doing it to save time or money. Cycling to work is going to get me into better shape so I can hopefully live longer and better enjoy my remaining years.


      Jun 7, 2014 at 2:07am

      Another of the many newbies chiming in.
      I toyed with the notion of biking to work in the past, but always wrote it off as just a little too far. Besides, my bike was an old 90's mountain bike and I wasn't in great shape. Cars scared me and getting up even earlier when I'm already a sleepy lump in the mornings was daunting too. "Once I do a dry run to be sure I can make it there", I kept thinking.

      Finally bit the bullet for bike to work week and I am so glad I did! I rode in whatever I'd usually wear to the office, including a skirt (though I found a changeable shirt and a few wet wipes to freshen up upon arrival to be worthwhile on, shall we say, warmer mornings) on my clunky old bike and had a blast. I actually look forward to my commute now and the 6.5k only takes me about 25-30 minutes (just as google maps predicted and almost identical to the bus). 10th Ave to the Central Valley Greenway is a great cycle route - more bike traffic than cars so I feel pretty safe - and I love hearing the song birds and getting some fresh air. I don't have to wait for the bus anymore on the way home either. I go when it's convenient for me! I find I'm a lot more energized and focused during the work day and look forward to keeping this up. Hope Vancouver continues to expand its cycling infrastructure.

      Tough Moderators

      Jun 9, 2014 at 3:29pm

      I guess one can't question why fewer than 8,000 people riding to work is a major achievement. One also can't point out the role of HUB as convenient idiots for property owners along Point Grey Road who's property values increased when the road was made private in the name of "bike safety."