Felindr Cat of the Week: Tiggy

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      Welcome to Felindr, the Georgia Straight's feline adoption web feature.

      Each profile is of an eligible catchelor or catchelorette from VOKRA, the non-profit Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association dedicated to the rescue of cats in the Lower Mainland.

      Name: Tiggy

      I'm seeking: an owner

      Physical description: bwack and white and weawy cute wif big eyes and a bwack dot on my widdle nose

      Ethnicity: I don't discriminate.

      Want kids? On the fence.

      Smoke: Do you mean catnip?

      Faith: When I'm hungry.

      Drink: Water. Sometimes from unconventional sources.

      As an experienced high-fashion model, Tiggy knows how to work it on the catwalk.

      My conversational interests: Saying hello (very loudly), asking to be pet, discussing poetry and philosophy, listening to what a hard day you've had and basically anything you want to go on about

      My purrsonality: Shy at first but loyal and cuddly after the first few dates. Willing to try out spooning—without cutlery.

      My hobbies: Box-sitting, meditation (my purr is my om)

      Tiggy is also available in travel-size.

      My likes: Head and back shiatsu, being picked up (I stick one leg up in the air to signal approval), companionship

      My dislikes: Rude people, terrible politicians, bad attitudes, scary clowns

      My expectations of a relationship: Being fed, a warm place to sleep, being cared for, effective and constructive communication which is the basis of all successful relationships that don't result in conscious uncoupling

      For more information on Tiggy, click here

      VOKRA's mission is to end cat overpopulation and homelessness. To learn more, or to fill out an adoption application form, visit their website.