Fashion Student Spotlight: Pari Mistry's Muse joins slow fashion movement with avant-garde techniques

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      By Amanda Carter

      Pari Mistry is a final-year fashion design and technology student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Mistry has been inspired by art and fashion ever since she was a young girl growing up in Dubai. After deciding to combine her two passions into a career as a fashion designer, Mistry applied to KPU’s Wilson School of Design so that she could have a strong foundation of knowledge and skills to help build her career.

      Mistry’s collection, Muse, is a contemporary line driven towards timeless fashion and is inspired by avant-garde draping techniques. 

      Muse will be unveiled at 2016 The Show: The Final Cut, presented by Tamoda Apparel Inc., on April 6 and 7 at the Imperial Vancouver (319 Main Street). Thirty-five other lines by Kwantlen Polytechnic University fashion design and technology students will also be showcased.

      All five shows have now sold out. For event details, visit, or follow @kpu_fashion on Twitter and @kputheshow on Instagram.

      AC: What was the inspiration behind your line?

      PM: I was inspired to create a collection of unique pieces that can be worn season after season, without ever going out of style. I’m very inspired by draping and I’ve incorporated different techniques in each of my designs, such as pleats, cowls, gathers, and more.

      AC: Can you tell me about your creative process?

      PM: My creative process starts with inspiration: an idea, a texture, or a drape can fuel me to create something. It’s all about the versatility and comfort of a garment. I want my customers to be able to wear Muse clothing all day long and be able to transition between day and night by simply changing accessories or layering pieces.

      It’s important to fully understand what your customers’ needs are and how you can meet them. I believe that researching and sampling garments are good ways to get a better understanding for designing a line. Once that’s done, I get into more technical aspects of refining the line through design details and finishings.

      AC: What have you learned at KPU?

      PM: KPU has taught me the essential design, production and marketing skills needed to be a successful industry professional. I interned at Christine Lingerie where I further developed my skills and gained valuable insights and experiences. I’m really grateful to have chosen the fashion program at KPU because it really taught me the A-Z of what I need to find work in the fashion industry.

      AC:  What aspect of design are you most passionate about?

      PM: I’ve really found that using my knowledge in design and production has helped me to further develop my design ideas over the years. I enjoy using design research and market research to fuel my ideas and create unique yet versatile pieces. 

      Amanda Carter is a final-year fashion design and technology student at KPU’s Wilson School of Design.

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