Rachel Bloom does a song on the Late Show, proves musicals can happen anywhere

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      Crazy-ex Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom demonstrates that anything can be a musical, if you so wish it to be.

      In an appearance on The Late Show, Bloom and host Stephen Colbert talked briefly about how musicals work.

      “In musicals, there’s like talk talk talk talk and suddenly there’s singing. That doesn’t happen in the real world,” Colbert says right before the tune of a piano chimes in and the two break into song.

      “Anything can be a musical," Bloom croons, "as long as you just sing it.”

      See Bloom rap, "musicman style" below.

      Just gotta sing it: Crazy-ex Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom shows Stephen Colbert that anything can be a musical.
      Late Show with Stephen Colbert (CBS)