Idiots steal $15,000 in North Shore Rescue equipment from Hanes Valley cache

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      Every year, lost hikers in North Vancouver's Lynn Headwaters Regional Park seem to make the local news. Sometimes, these hikers get stranded in the Hanes Valley, which is part of an epic horseshoe day hike between Grouse Mountain and Lynn Valley.

      Now some idiot (or idiots) has put these lost hikers in even more risk. Equipment worth $15,000 was stolen from a North Shore Rescue emergency cache in the remote area.

      Global News reports that the stolen gear includes sleeping bags, first aid kits, ropes, and a chainsaw. The thief (or thieves) also used said chainsaw to "destroy the helicopter emergency landing pad at the site".

      As NSR member Curtis Jones told Global, this is "stuff that saves lives". Plus, the purchase of this gear was funded by donations. 

      NSR is asking anyone with information about the theft and vandalism to contact the organization. If you want to support NSR by making a donation, you can do so via the group's website.


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      Jun 26, 2014 at 3:02pm

      Scum of the earth. Take them deep into the wilderness and lose them forever.