Video raises question whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's principal secretary supports Leap Manifesto

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      New Democrats continue tearing themselves apart over the Leap Manifesto.

      The document written by climate activists proposes a carbon-free economy by 2050.

      However, some might wonder where the Trudeau Liberals stand in light of a 2012 video featuring one of its kingpins.

      Gerald Butts is principal secretary to the prime minister and perhaps Justin Trudeau's most important adviser.

      In 2012, Butts was president and CEO of the moderate environmental organization, WWF Canada, which opposes the Northern Gateway pipeline.

      "Truth be told, we don't think there ought to be a carbon-based energy industry by the middle of the century," Butts said in the video. "That's our policy in Canada and it's our policy all over the world."

      You can see the video of Butts's remarks below:

      His comment about a carbon-free energy future reflected the viewpoint of Leap Manifesto advocates such as author Naomi Klein and her husband, documentary filmmaker Avi Lewis.

      The Trudeau Liberals oppose the Northern Gateway pipeline, which would ship bitumen from Alberta to Kitimat for export on tankers to Asia.

      Trudeau himself has spoken in favour of the Keystone XL pipeline, which has been kiboshed by the Obama administration.