Felindr Cat of the Week: Chloe the cuddler

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      Welcome to Felindr, the Georgia Straight's feline adoption web feature.  

      Each profile is of an eligible catchelor or catchelorette from VOKRA, the non-profit Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association dedicated to the rescue of cats in the Lower Mainland.

      Name: Chloe

      Profession: registered cuddler

      I'm seeking: a cuddle buddy

      Physical description: compact design perfect for snuggling and various affectionate activities

      Ethnicity: cuddlefish

      I even enjoy receiving affection from disembodied yet caring hands

      Want kids? I am seeking an adult cuddler

      Smoke: I don't know if I'd like to cuddle up to that

      Drink: hydration is important in between snuggle sessions

      Faith: I believe in you

      "You can't be trained to cuddle. You have to be born with it."

      My conversational interests: discussing the pros and cons of spooning versus forking

      My purrsonality: I'm a highly sophisticated, cultured, and intelligent individual, like OMG—MOL! (meow out loud)

      My hobbies: cuddle parties, cuddling, snuggling, cuddling, purring, playing, cuddling, nuzzling, wubbling, mubbling, wibble bibble baby mibbling 

      My likes: see above

      My dislikes: uncuddling, disruptive noises that interrupt intensive cuddle sessions, non-cuddlers

      My motto: A cuddle a day keeps the crankiness away

      My expectations of a relationship: to complete you

      To learn more about Chloe, click here

      VOKRA's mission is to end cat overpopulation and homelessness. To learn more, or to fill out an adoption application form, visit their website.