Vision website doesn't make it easy to find out who's on its board

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      For a couple of weeks, I've had difficulty finding the names of Vision Vancouver board members.

      That's because it's not obvious from the party's website.

      Even by clicking the "connect" tab, there's no visual indication.

      I was only able to find the names of the directors thanks to our brilliant web and technology editor Stephen Hui.

      It's not along the top menu bar. Instead, you have to go to the bottom and click "contact".

      Here's how I found it after speaking to Stephen. After hittiing "CONNECT" on the home page, I arrived at another page full of information.

      (I posted this webpage in three sections because it's so large. Click each image to enlarge.)

      From here, I clicked the tiny "contact" tab at the very bottom of the page. (Click the blue and green section immediately above see how small the point size is for the word "contact".)

      Doing that led me to the page below.

      From there, I had to click "Meet our Executive" to arrive at this page, which identified the board members. (Click the image to read the names.)

      However, there's no way of contacting them through this page.

      It's odd that Vision Vancouver would make people go to such trouble to find the names of its directors.

      If you look at the "about" or "team" tabs on COPE homepage, the NPA homepage, the Vancouver Greens' homepage, and the Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver homepage, information about their boards is readily available.

      In this civic election, NPA mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe is trying to make transparency a central issue.

      Given this reality, one would think that Vision would take the simple step of making it easier for people to learn the identity of its directors.


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      Jul 18, 2014 at 8:37am

      Did Charlie Smith just write an entire article on how he doesn't know to use the internet?

      Let me Google that for you: Vision Vancouver Executive


      Jul 18, 2014 at 9:40am

      Hiding in the shadows is Vision's game plan. never show your true intentions to anyone till it is too late to do anything about it. Time for them to go into the shadows permanently