Todd Rundgren's setlist bodes well for pop-rock freaks in Vancouver

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      I don't know about you, but I plan on getting a major pop-rock buzz on tomorrow.

      The plan is to start off over at the Vancouver Playhouse for American music great Todd Rundgren and then wind up down at the Commodore for the Age of Electric reunion show.

      According to AOE singer-guitarist Todd Kerns, his band is planning to play a handful of new tunes that he and Ryan Dahle have come up with, and of course the rest of the set will feature their hits from the '90s like "Ugly", "I Don't Mind", and "Remote Control".

      I wasn't so sure what Rundgren's setlist was gonna look like until I checked out my secret source on the Internet just now and found out.

      At his show in Monterey, California, last night the 67-year-old rock legend and ace producer offered up a whopping 24 tunes, starting with my personal fave, "I Saw the Light", from his incredible 1972 double album Something/Anything?

      And he ended his regular set with another track from that album--which he first recorded in 1968 with Nazz--"Hello It's Me."

      In between he offered up a couple of other Nazz tracks, as well as some from his prog-pop band Utopia, and select numbers from his solo career like the pretty ballad from 1978's Hermit of Mink Hollow, "Can We Still Be Friends".

      And as far as the talents of Rundgren's touring band goes, there's no worries there. For one thing, the rhythm section is comprised of primo bassist Kasim Sulton from Utopia and drummer Prairie Prince, who used to slam the skins for the Tubes.

      Should be a good 'un, I reckon.