Vancouver police won't nail taxi drivers who pick up passengers outside of boundaries

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      Vancouver police have tweeted that taxis from outside of the city are welcome to pick up passengers without fear of being ticketed.

      The VPD tweet at 3:43 p.m. today states that this will only be permitted until SkyTrain service returns.

      Serious problems with the SkyTrain system have caused havoc for transit passengers.

      Many have bolted out of open doors between stations rather than wait for help.

      TransLink's warning to remain in cars seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

      Meanwhile, the Uber taxi service may be preparing a return to Vancouver after being halted in 2012 by the Passenger Transportation Board.

      My colleague Stephen Hui recently noted that Uber held an "Ice Cream Day" in Vancouver to encourage residents to download the app.

      After what occurred today on SkyTrain, we're guessing that many transit passengers are wishing Uber was already back in business in our town.

      Funny, there was no mention of Uber in the Vancouver Police Department tweets this afternoon.


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      Computer Geek

      Jul 21, 2014 at 4:10pm

      Seriously? "upload the app" you just had to copy and paste from the source. the correct term is "download the app"