The evolution of Dianne Watts

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      Federal politicians often come across as a little more polished than their provincial and municipal counterparts.

      Maybe it's the air in Ottawa or it's being surrounded by all those major cultural institutions.

      So is Surrey mayor Dianne Watts ready for a run for the big leagues of Canadian politics in 2015?

      She's certainly sharpened her image in the years since she was first elected in 2005. You be the judge.

      This year, Dianne Watts said she won't run for mayor in November.
      In 2013, Dianne Watts forcefully made the point for light rail.
      Here's Surrey's mayor in 2010.
      Dianne Watts circa 2008.
      John Bollwitt / Wikimedia Commons


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      Shari Graydon

      Jul 23, 2014 at 1:36pm

      Very disappointed to see this piece. Dianne Watts looks appropriately professional in all of the above photos. If the staged photo on the Surrey website is better lit and shows her sporting more make-up, that's hardly relevant to her effectiveness as a politician on the municipal or federal stage. And if it's true that federal politicians (women and men, or is this observation limited to female candidates?) appear more polished, perhaps its because they are more heavily scrutinized for their appearance. Too bad. What we need are smart, thoughtful, experienced and dedicated people who we can trust to act with integrity. Let's focus more attention on that!


      Jul 23, 2014 at 2:03pm

      ^exactly what they said. Seriously, I was expecting a piece on her policies and what happened during her tenure, not...a photo gallery.

      And I've never seen this treatment given to, say, Jesus Trudeau. Or Tom Mulcair. Or Adrian Dix, or Gregor, or Peter Ladner, or really any other male political figure I can think of. It's always about their policy, not their looks (though, much as I refuse to vote for Jesus he -is- bringing sexy back to Parliament ;P ).