Pit bull attack leaves Surrey woman in fear for herself and her pet pug

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      Stephanie Boute is worried about her Peanut.

      Peanut is a pug, and when Boute was walking her pet out of her Surrey condo’s elevator, the dog was attacked by a pit bull.

      According to a letter sent out to media by Boute, the incident happened on January 2 this year.

      Peanut suffered damage to the right side of her face, costing her owner $700 in veterinary bills.

      Not only that. According to Boute, she has lost sleep, felt anxiety, and now fears for her safety and that of her pet.

      Boute related that she contacted the RCMP, city hall, and the B.C. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, but she got no relief.

      Boute said that she has been fighting her corporation to have the pit bulls removed from the property.

      “These dogs are extremely aggressive and I am constantly living in fear in my own home,” Boute said. “Every time I get on or off the elevator, with or without my dog I am terrified of getting attacked. I hear the dogs bark in the hallway and I have panic attacks about what is happening outside of my house.” 

      Rancho Management Services (B.C.) Ltd. manages the City Point condo where Boute lives.

      Rancho Management’s Amra Brajlovic told the Straight by phone that tenants who own aggressive dogs are being evicted from the strata property.

      “We’re trying to remove everyone,” Brajlovic said.