Dashcam videos capture Fort McMurray evacuees driving through fiery conditions

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      Approximately 88,000 people have now evacuated Fort McMurray, trying to escape from the fires devastating the city which began on Sunday.

      25,000 people fled north of the city, with their only route south cut off by the fire.

      A convoy of 1,500 vehicles began heading south today (May 6), under police surveillance. Others will be airlifted out, as 8,000 people had already been.

      An area of 850 square kilometres (328 square miles) has been burnt, with 1,600 homes and structures destroyed.

      Several dashcam videos have captured evacuation attempts from Fort McMurray.

      This time-lapse video was taken by Fort McMurray Today reporter Rob Murray, as he drives through smoke and past burning trees.

      In this video, vehicles try to drive through a hail of sparks and through thick smoke, beside trees ablaze, as they try to leave the city.