Squamish Valley Music Festival Band of the Day: Shad

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      Like Halloween, when the early October fogs start to roll in, and Christmas when the drug store starts playing "Jingle Bells" on November 1, it’s starting to feel like it’s almost here.

      Yes, we’re talking about the Squamish Valley Music Festival, taking place August 8 to 10 at the Logger Sports Grounds and Hendrickson Fields. In anticipation of the big event—headlined by Eminem, Bruno Mars, and Arcade Fire—we’re spending the next few weeks rounding up local artists who’ll be playing the open-air party, and getting them to answer some important questions.

      Like who they’ll be cueing up on the iPod for the Sea-to-Sky drive to the site, what they’ll be making sure to pack to make it through their set, the all-time dream-festival lineup, and who they plan to stalk backstage. Read on, but not before you pick up your Squamish Valley Music Festival ticket. The last thing you want to miss is today’s spotlighted act...

      Featured artist

      Shad is well on his way to becoming a Canadian hip-hop institution. The rapper, whose Facebook page lists his current location as London/Kenya/Rwanda/Toronto/Vancouver, is a Juno winner and a three-time Polaris Music Prize nominee. And for good reason: Shad spits quick and clever rhymes over dope beats (as we used to say back in the day), and he's not above giving a lyrical shout-out to Nickelback. Admit it: you like at least one Nickelback song. There's no shame in it; we all do.

      Sea-to-Sky playlist

      Toto "Human Nature" (demo)

      The Gap Band "Outstanding"

      Evelyn Champagne King "Love Come Down"

      Anthony Hamilton "Best of Me" and "Pass Me Over"

      Majid Jordan "Place Like This"

      Pablo Nouvelle feat. ALX "You Don't Understand"

      Coldplay "Magic"

      Outdoor essentials

      Fully-charged cellphone, water, and a good reason to drive home before I'm forced to camp.

      I’d love to hang with...

      "Obviously Eminem. I would ask him a lot about rap and rappers and rapping."

      First festival experience

      "I can't remember but probably a summer festival in one of the downtown parks in London when I was a kid. I'm gonna guess that Kim Mitchell was playing and that I ate KFC."

      What's your fantasy festival lineup?

      I've already thought about this: it would be "one-hit wonder fest". Rick Astley would headline since he had, like two hits, maybe even three. And he would rickroll other artists live, too, like Right Said Fred. Mark Morrison would be on the bill for sure. Deee-Lite, the people that sing "Stuck in the Middle With You", Dexys Midnight Runners, Spandau Ballet, Shanice, Dionne Farris, Terence Trent D'Arby, Mr. Big. And Mike + the Mechanics would close the night with "The Living Years". At least half the line-up a surprise so people get extra hyped when they hear their jam. It would be a big day-long sing-along. It would be really expensive to book because you're flying people out for just one song, but it would be dope."

      What’s your official rider request?

      Fruits, vegetables, couple beers... only thing I don't like seeing is chips because I will eat them and I don't want to.

      Trivia time: what’s Squamish’s official slogan?

      Squamish: Not as insufferable as Whistler.

      The festival takes place at Logger Sports Grounds and Hendrickson Fields. Quick—what’s your favourite logger sport?

      Axe-throwing is undeniably awesome but the best one is that one where they climb a tree really fast with a rope around their waist and the tree. Shows the more nimble side of lumberjacks. Finesse. People don't know about that

      Shad plays the Squamish Valley Music Festival’s Tantalus Stage at 4:25 p.m. on Sunday (August 10).