Vision Vancouver parties at Celebrities; Kirk LaPointe blogs about Trish Kelly

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      Not long ago, Langara's journalism department head, Frances Bula, tweeted that no one except nerds pays attention to civic elections during the summer.

      In this case, I plead guilty to being a nerd.

      Today, I'm amused by NPA mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe's latest effort to exploit the resignation of a Vision Vancouver park-board candidate.

      "While I might not always agree with Trish Kelly on policy, what happened to her was distressing," LaPointe commented today on his blog. "She contends she was dumped from the Vision Vancouver ticket on park board and that she didn’t step aside (as Vision Vancouver claimed). Her eight-years-ago performance art video might discomfort a few people, but I had hoped we were well past gendered responses and could also understand how social media shares ideas. Her nomination support indicated immense potential in public life and I hope she finds her way there soon. Her expulsion is an odd move for a party that professes modernity, tolerance and inclusiveness."

      It's the second time LaPointe has mentioned Kelly's ill-fated candidacy in a tweet or a blog post.

      I've emailed Vision Vancouver's executive director, Stepan Vdovine, to see if he shares LaPointe's description of Kelly being "dumped" from the ticket.

      That certainly wasn't how Kelly's departure was described in Vison's July 17 news release.

      I haven't yet had a response from Vdovine, perhaps because Vision officials are partying at Celebrities to demonstrate their fervent support of LGBT rights.

      I heard in advance that Mayor Gregor Robertson will even work the turntables this evening at the Pride Week party, further solidifying his gay-friendly rep.

      Of course, if LaPointe truly hopes that Kelly "finds her way soon" in realizing her "immense potential in public life", he could ask her to be an NPA candidate for the park board.

      After all, Captain Kirk has already indicated that he's now in charge of the NPA.

      In the meantime, perhaps Vdovine could be so kind as to fill in the comment form below to let voters know if Kelly jumped or if she was pushed.

      If she voluntarily resigned, then LaPointe's a liar. If Kelly was forced to quit, then Vision hasn't been up-front with the public.

      Either scenario is worth voters' attention even in the dog days of summer.



      analyse this....

      Jul 28, 2014 at 11:59pm

      The writer suggest that if Kelly resigned voluntarily then LaPointe is a liar. That's interesting in itself, a journalist such as Charlie Smith suggesting a lifelong journalist with an unimpeachable record could be a "liar" suggests Charlie had a full head of steam when he wrote this and didn't temper his emotions. Interesting as well, that what LaPointe said is that "Kelly contends" she was pushed, so Charlie Smith's choices don't represent an accurate analysis, if Kelly herself said that and LaPointe is accurately relaying it, it isn't LaPointe's integrity on the line. Perhaps this isn't Charlie Smith's best moment.


      Jul 29, 2014 at 3:10am

      Has LaPointe has blogged about Trish twice? I can only find one blog post that mentions her - his blog only has 5 posts total.

      David Woolson

      Jul 29, 2014 at 5:41am

      Kelly has said in several places, including in her Huffpo op ed, the decision to leave was mutual.

      analyse this....

      Jul 29, 2014 at 6:07am

      Perhaps Charlie should write that LaPointe's blog posts in just the past week have shown more wit and intelligence than any that's come from the hand or mouth of the current mayor in the last many years. What a treat, the idea of a mayor with intelligence rather than what we're currently burdened with, Mayor Ken Doll and his army of dream weavers.

      We aren't really waiting for Vdovine to "set the record straight" are we? And Mr. Smith, you're assuming any response from him or any of the other VV PR hacks will be God's Truth? From the party that recently emailed me saying the upcoming election is a "clear choice" about two topics that are each outside of the purview of City Hall's powers!? Or that continues to greenwash shamelessly while having done so little to effect any real change beyond turning the City's web site into a massive proclamation of environmental goals, all still unmet!?!

      Charlie Smith

      Jul 29, 2014 at 8:32am

      Dear hmmmm,
      My mistake...Kirk LaPointe tweeted about Kelly then he blogged about her. I corrected the article. Thanks.

      Dear analyse this,

      I've already written about precisely what you've mentioned in your second comment. You can see it below.

      Regarding your first comment, Kirk LaPointe wrote the following sentence, which justifies my concluding remarks: "Her expulsion is an odd move for a party that professes modernity, tolerance and inclusiveness."

      To everyone else,

      After I wrote this post, Trish Kelly informed me via email that it was a "mutual decision" that she end her candidacy. "There was no pink slip issued," Kelly wrote, but she also noted that staying didn't appear to be an option.

      She didn't attend Vision's bash at Celebrities last night.

      Charlie Smith

      A one time believer in Vision

      Jul 29, 2014 at 9:00am

      Thanks for bringing LaPointe's blog to my attention. It's clear from it that the gentelman has a sparkling intelligence of a type that's been missing in Vancouver politics for some time and a big contrast to the current mayor, who seems plastic, mute and one dimensional in comparison.

      Gregor's inability to perform off-script, Vision spin, greenwashing and overreach vs Lapointe's honesty and intelligence; it's an unfair battle and I'm guessing those few Vision pols who still have any integrity are envious of the candidate the NPA has choosen.


      Jul 29, 2014 at 9:29am

      The only people still talking about Trish Kelley: Kirk Lapointe and Trish Kelley.

      A one time believer in Vision

      Jul 29, 2014 at 11:03am

      So Vision ousts their top Park Board candidate nomination vote getter for reasons that looks like a complete contradiciton of their core message, and it's worth forgetting?!

      How about we just call it Vision Hypocritical, and understand that that type of action is truer to the core of what they are now all about. It's time Christine that many of us who were at one time attracted to Vision's promise now acknowledge that they've morphed into just another politic institution whose goals look more and more like just staying in power through coersion and PR spin and the strings of the party of beiing pulled by big money behind the scenes, or in front, as Rennie demonstrates.

      Jamie Lee

      Jul 29, 2014 at 11:48am

      It should also be noted that Miss Trish Kelly did not attend the Mayor's launch of Pride yesterday at City Hall. Seems odd because this is her community who were present at the launch. While Trish can continue to say it was a mutual decision to leave her lack of attendance at queer community events held by the Party she belongs paints an entirely different picture.


      Jul 29, 2014 at 7:16pm

      A candidate and the Party sign an agreement wherein the candidate agrees to withdraw and the agreement also includes a non-disclosure clause that binds both the Party and the now ex-candidate to communicate only that the decision was mutual. Had Ms Kelly opted to resign, that would be a unilateral decision to withdraw one's candidacy.The "mutual agreement" is similar to a marital separation agreement where, notwithstanding the circumstances leading up to the marriage breakdown, the separation agreement is signed by both parties and therefore "mutual". As for partying at Celebs, I understand that Robertson was a guest DJ. What could be more facile support for the GLBT voter but perhaps most fitting; Robertson spinning something vinyl, recorded and redundant.