Video: Graphic novelists Orijit Sen, Michael Yahgulanaas, and David Wong discuss their craft

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      Earlier this month at the Indian Summer festival, I had the pleasure of moderating a panel discussion involving graphic novelists from three different cultures.

      Today, I learned that the video has been posted on YouTube (see below).

      The first graphic novelist who spoke, Michael Nicholl Yahgulanaas, is a celebrated Haida artist whose work has appeared in numerous cultural institutions, including the Museum of Anthropology and the British Museum. He's the author of several graphic novels, including Flight of the Hummingbird. Forward the video to 8:17 and you can see his presentation.

      Orijit Sen is a Delhi-based graphic novelist, poster artist, and masterful muralist whose River of Stories drew attention to the impact of large dams on indigenous people in India. His presentation begins at 23:22.

      David Wong is a Vancouver architect and author of Escape to Gold Mountain, which chronicled the history of Chinese living on the west coast of North America. If you forward the tape to 44:12, you can hear his presentation.

      Wong's talk is followed by a discussion involving all three artists.

      The event was sponsored by the Dr. Hari Sharma Foundation for South Asian Advancement, which was created from the estate of former SFU sociology professor Hari Sharma.