Felindr Cats of the Week: Zelda and Luigi, the Nintendo siblings

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      Welcome to Felindr, the Georgia Straight's feline adoption web feature.   

      Each profile is of an eligible catchelor or catchelorette from VOKRA, the non-profit Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association dedicated to the rescue of cats in the Lower Mainland.

      Names: Zelda and Luigi

      Profession: Nintendo princess and Mario brother

      As powerful as they are, sometimes Zelda and Luigi have to hide from dastardly villains (and dogs)

      We’re seeking: a compatible home (console)

      Physical description: Zelda has a royal appearance while moustachioed Luigi appears goofy yet loveable

      When people say to Zelda, "My, what big eyes you have!", she responds with "All the better to track all the action on screen with, my dear!"

      Ethnicity: Nintendoian

      Want kids? Wii are kids!

      Smoke: Wii can smoke you at any video game. Don’t test us, pwn.

      Drink: Yes, wii get thirsty between games.

      Faith: Wii believe in the power of buttons

      Zelda, after an all-nighter gaming session

      Our purrsonalities: Although Zelda is often thought to be a legendary damsel in distress, she’s actually an active, energetic character, who plays so hard, she’s often left panting. In fact, she often plays harder than her brother Luigi, who is mistakenly thought to be the one to jump up and break bricks. But in fact, Luigi is quite shy, and needs help coming out of his tortoise shell. He roams the land in search of gold coins (ie. treats).

      Our conversational interests: Wii like to chat about highest scores, best plays, and secret strategies

      Our hobbies: learning new magical spells, Zelda likes to disguise herself as a ninja or a pirate (arrrr!), Luigi likes to jump from platform to platform whenever possible 

      Our likes: powering up with treats (for which Luigi will even expose his tummy), Princess Toadstool, Link, Link the cat, the Cat Mario Show, new games to star in

      Luigi asks "Did you say treats?" (and then moons you)

      Our dislikes: non-players, Goomba mushrooms (hiss!), Koopa Troopas (hissa hissas!), piranha plants (yuck), Fokka (especially mother Fokkas), King Koopa (hissy fit!), Ganondorf (major hiss!) 

      Our motto: Now you’re playing with feline power!

      Our expectations of a relationship: To win the game (of course)

      To learn more about this dynamic duo (who must be adopted together), click here for Zelda and here for Luigi. VOKRA's mission is to end cat overpopulation and homelessness. To learn more, or to fill out an adoption application form, visit their website.