Pride 2014: Rainbow Refugees say Seeking Protection is Not a Crime

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      Prior to the Pride flag-raising ceremony at Vancouver City Hall on July 28, a panel discussion held in the Council Chambers highlighted the plight of LGBT refugees to Canada and what can be done to help them.

      Two LGBT refugees spoke at the event, but several more added their voices by expressing themselves through a group art project called "Seeking Protection Is Not a Crime".

      Rainbow Refugee, a volunteer-run organization that helps LGBT refugees, along with PeerNetBC and the QAF helped out with the project. 

      The group made a painting that's on display at Queering the International, the Queer Arts Festival's visual art exhibit, on at the Roundhouse Community Centre.

      "Seeking Protection is Not a Crime" is on display at the Queer Arts Festival visual arts exhibit at the Roundhouse Community Centre.
      Craig Takeuchi

      They also made a video in which they not only documented themselves making the work of art but related some of the discriminatory and hateful things people, including friends and family, have said to them.

      The video also gave them the chance to express what they would like to say to those people.

      Queering the International continues at the Queer Arts Festival until August 9.