Tsawwassen's Splashdown Park to cease operations at end of summer season

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      Alas, it's the end of a splashy era.

      Tsawwassen's Splashdown Park announced on its Facebook page that it will close at the end of its latest season.

      The seven-acre outdoor water slide park's lease is ending and the land, owned by the Tsawwassen First Nation, is being developed for other purposes as a new megamall is being built on adjacent property.

      The park, located off Highway 17 at 4775 Nulelum Way near the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, has 13 slides as well as pools and play areas.

      Splashdown Park

      It opened in 1983 and boasts slides such as the Oliver Twist, Kamikaze, and Corkscrew.

      Your last chance to slip 'n' slide in the park begins on June 4 and ends when it closes forever on September 11.