Screw elbowgate, Justin Trudeau deserves props for talking Nickelback and upper decking on The Daily Show

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      Canada really needs to get its priorities straight, especially when it comes to politics.

      So what if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau elbowed a couple of MPs in Parliament yesterday. No one likes politicians, so who among us wouldn’t have loved to trade places with him for a couple of free shots?

      Despite elbowgate lighting up the Interweb the past 12 hours, the most interesting Trudeau news yesterday wasn’t something that would have been a two-minute penalty in a hockey game, or the fact that the Prime Minister took to Twitter afterwards to apologize for his actions.

      No, what’s really worth talking about is that Trudeau appeared on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah yesterday to discuss immigration, Syrian refugees, and Canada’s approach to integrating those from other countries.

      More importantly he also talked Nickelback (who he defended) and the grand old house-party tradition of the "upper decker". (For those who’ve never been in a frat house—or to Whalley—upper decking involves pulling down one's pants and underwear, and then defecating into the water-tank part of a toilet, thereby ensuring that, no matter how many times one flushes, there’s, um, well, you probably get the idea.)

      Watch the entire interview below. And then ask yourself who the hell could be mad at Trudeau for elbowing a couple of overpaid bureaucrats.