Hostile crows can be found all over Vancouver

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      This morning, I witnessed a common sight in Vancouver at this time of year.

      Two crows dived down from telephone wires at the corner of Pine Street and West Broadway, coming within inches of the heads of a couple minding their own business.

      Understandably, the two pedestrians were somewhat freaked out.

      Crows can get aggressive at this time of year as they're building nests and protecting their young.

      And it can, at times, bring up memories of Alfred Hitchcock's chilling movie The Birds.

      Last month, Langara instructor Jim O'Leary told Global BC News that crows tend to target the back of the head.

      He explained that if people wear a hat or an umbrella, they're less likely to be dive-bombed.

      I was wearing a bright red bicycle helmet this morning when I witnessed the crows behaving badly along West Broadway.

      Perhaps this explains why the two birds left me alone even though I was just a few feet away from the couple under siege.

      O'Leary has created an online map, called Crow Trax, to warn Vancouverites where crows might strike in Vancouver.

      Some of the worst areas appear to be along West Broadway, in the West End, and in Yaletown.

      Crow Trax shows where our feathered friends are most likely to be dive-bombing humans.