The long, dusty trek is totally worth it at Squamish fest

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      In case you didn't notice during the first full day of the Squamish Valley Music Festival Friday (August 8), the event has gotten a little bigger this year.

      The fest has grown from 19,000 daily attendees last year to a maximum capacity of 35,000 this year. The site has also ballooned, which means that the trek between the two largest stages is now a long, dusty trail through the trees. Nighttime brings some extra challenges, like dodging shirtless, sprinting festival bros. But it's also totally worth it to juggle your time between the well-programmed stages.

      Today the path is sure to get plenty of traffic, as festival goers split their time between competing sets like Tokyo Police Club and Kevin Drew, and Broken Bells and the Roots. Luckily the Stawamus programming wraps up in time for everyone to take in some Arcade Fire on the main stage.