Video: Linda Dong dumps Peter Chao and looks for a boyfriend

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      In the late 1970s, a young Victoria resident named Atom Egoyan used to run around the city with an eight-millimetre camera taking short videos.

      There was no YouTube in those days, so few people saw his work.

      But it gave him the skills to go on to become a critically acclaimed director, winning many awards and twice being nominated for Oscars.

      Nowadays, there's a new generation of young Vancouver filmmakers making short films, which can reach large audiences thanks to YouTube.

      Not long ago, one of these directors, Linda Dong, created "How To Get a Boyfriend in Vancouver" about, yes, finding a boyfriend in Vancouver.

      It includes an appearance by comedian Peter Chao, who graced the cover of the Georgia Straight four years ago.

      The last time we posted one of Dong's videos, it generated a lot of chatter in the comments section.