Robin Williams talked about aging before release of Happy Feet Two

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      As you've no doubt heard, the beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams has died at 63.

      In 2011, Williams spoke at a news conference attended by legendary Georgia Straight film writer Ian Caddell.

      He talked about Happy Feet Two and growing older.

      Here's an excerpt from the story:

      Williams, who turned 60 in July, is asked at the news conference if he had concerns about aging. The actor, who recently married for the third time, says that although he did have heart surgery a few years ago, no one should expect him to keel over any time soon.

      “You guys are saying, ‘Wouldn’t that be cool if this was his last press conference’? It would be like Richard Pryor after he got burned. He was in the hospital and this one orderly was wiping the smoke off him and he says, ‘Richard, how about that last autograph?’ But 60 is really amazing. I had my midlife crisis in my 40s, so 60 is great. Once you have the heart surgery, it’s Me2.0. I am just off my honeymoon, and at 60, I can actually remember it, which is wonderful.”