Happy Bike to Work Week. Oh yeah, and here's a ticket for not wearing a helmet

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      This shouldn't come as a huge surprise.

      The Twittersphere is reporting that Vancouver police have been giving tickets today to cyclists without helmets.

      This comes on the first day of Bike to Work Week in the Lower Mainland.

      The ticketing occurred at Main and 10th Avenue.

      Meanwhile, Chief Adam Palmer has tweeted his support for Bike to Work Week.

      He's not wearing a helmet, but then again, he's not riding a bike in the image below!

      The VPD's website also trumpets Bike to Work Week with the launch of Project 529. It enables people to register their two-wheelers at "529 Garage" locations and learn tips on how to lock them up so they're less likely to get ripped off. 

      The 529 Garage events are listed here.

      In 2014, the Straight reported that the number of $29 tickets nearly doubled over the three-month period from April to June compared to the first three months of that year.