What happens when men try on shapewear

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      When it comes to body image in North America, there's always been a traditional emphasis for men to bulk up and be big, and, conversely, for women to be thin and petite.

      In the past, overweight men often escaped scrutiny while overweight, well even healthy-sized women, faced scathing criticism.

      It's only since men have become increasingly visible half-naked in underwear commercials, horny clothing line ads, firefighter calendars, and the lot that men have begun to face mounting pressure to conform to exacting standards of physical appeal.

      Thus, we've witnessed the growth of shapewear for men, including the mirdle (a girdle for men), over the past decade.

      For a quick recap, here's a video that covers some of the developments in this area.

      And while Spanx for Men may exist, the following video takes a look at what happens when four men try on Spanx (for women).

      Looks like Spanx has a few new customers.

      But actually, the results aren't that much different from Spanx for Men. Here's what happened when a radio host tried on Spanx for Men and got a little...choked up.

      What's next? Spanxing the Monkey? (Or is that redundant?)