Nearly completed Anvil Centre will bring theatre and conference facilities to New Westminster

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      This weekend on a trip to New Westminster, I took a few snapshots of the new Anvil Centre.

      The LEED Gold building, which includes a 364-seat theatre and 18,000 square feet of conference space, is on Columbia Street close to the New Westminster Station.

      When it opens in September, it will also be home to the New Westminster New Media Gallery, New Westminster Museum and Archives, and Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

      In April of 2012, Mayor Wayne Wright spoke to the Straight about the project when it was a mere hole in the ground.

      “What we’re going to do there is something that makes the city—on that transit line—the exact location for the smaller events to be held,” he said. “It will be the premier spot in the Lower Mainland.”

      This is how the site appeared in April 2012.
      Charlie Smith

      Originally, the city planned on leasing the 137,000 square feet of office space. But earlier this year, the nine-storey office component was bought by Duke Holdings and Kingswood Capital in a $36.5-million deal. Kingswood Capital is owned by legendary investor and philanthropist Joe Segal.

      The Anvil Centre's office floorplates range from 15,500 to 19,500 square feet.

      The city will continue to be responsible for the convention and conference facilities and the theatre, which are part of a four-storey podium.

      The Anvil Centre from the west side of Columbia Street.
      Charlie Smith
      Here's what it looks like from across the street.
      Charlie Smith
      It's still not open to the public.
      Charlie Smith




      Aug 18, 2014 at 8:12am

      It looks better than any of the new buildings in Vancouver. The name also has some meaning and I'm glad it's not named after a corporate or private donor.


      Aug 19, 2014 at 6:28pm

      Good news. Accomodate concert.