What recent media reports aren't mentioning in coverage of Judi Tyabji's book about Christy Clark

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      It's not unusual to see books by or about politicians appear in the run-up to an election.

      Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, and Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May all wrote tomes timed to help them in the 2015 campaign.

      There's a flattering new book about Premier Christy Clark, which was written by former B.C. Liberal MLA Judi Tyabji. The next provincial election is scheduled for May 9, 2017.

      Christy Clark: Behind the Smile has been the subject of straightforward reports in the Vancouver Sun and on the CBC website.

      The Globe and Mail published the following quote from Tyabji in the book: "I felt the portrayal of her [Clark] as a heartless, arrogant, corporate sellout did not match the truth about her or the work she was doing on our behalf."

      What wasn't mentioned in this recent coverage, however, is how Clark helped Tyabji's family get through some tough times.

      Shortly before the 2013 election, Tyabji's husband, former B.C. Liberal leader Gordon Wilson, endorsed Christy Clark in a videotaped message.

      Wilson's support for the B.C. Liberals came three months after Tyabji and Wilson had signed a consent order agreeing to pay Hakemi Law Corporation $35,853.33.

      Investigative reporter Bob Mackin dug up court documents showing that prior to this legal agreement, there were foreclosure proceedings on a Powell River home owned by Wilson and Tyabji.

      According to Mackin, the couple's financial woes were linked, in part, to a defamation suit filed against them and the premier's ex-husband, Mark Marissen. The plaintiff was former Liberal-turned-Green MP Blair Wilson, who alleged in court documents that Tyabji had delivered damaging documents about him to Marissen, then a major federal Liberal operative in B.C.

      Gordon Wilson and Tyabji were elected to the legislature as B.C. Liberals in 1991, but later left caucus to form the Progessive Democratic Alliance. Wilson eventually joined the NDP during his second term as MLA and sat in cabinet.

      So Wilson's decision to endorse Clark and the B.C. Liberals marked his public return to a party that he had spurned for years.

      After the 2013 election, the premier appointed Wilson as a "Buy B.C. advocate for LNG". In the 2014-15 fiscal year, he was paid $150,500, according to the B.C. public accounts.

      In May 2013, Gordon Wilson endorsed Christy Clark in a videotaped message.

      Earlier this year, the NDP took aim at Tyabji in the legislature over grants to the Pebble in the Pond Environmental Society.

      According to the 2014-15 public accounts, it received $163,897 in provincial funding that fiscal year.

      Tyabji was the society's president when she was hired as a manager, according to NDP MLA Katrine Conroy. For this, Conroy claimed, Tyabji was paid $67,000 under one of the grants.

      Tyabji told the Powell River Peak that the decision to hire her was made without her involvement. She also accused the NDP of being politically motivated to tarnish her image.

      "They're trying to go after me before the book comes out to try to diminish its impact," Tyabji told the Powell River Peak at the time.