Felindr Cat of the Week: Chevalier the feather duster

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      Welcome to Felindr, the Georgia Straight's feline adoption web feature.   

      Each profile is of an eligible catchelor or catchelorette from VOKRA, the non-profit Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association dedicated to the rescue of cats in the Lower Mainland.

      Name: Bonjour! Je m’appelle Chevalier the feather duster.

      Profession: Je suis un professional duster (and sometimes chivalrous French knight)

      I’m seeking: chez vous. You want me to clean your house, non?

      Physical description: People think I’m a cat. Or a cloud. Mais non. Je suis un feather duster. With a head.

      Ah, found them. 'ere are my legs. Phew...

      Ethnicity: Swiffer

      Want kids? Non, merci. They like to play with me too much until all that’s left is a stick.  

      Smoke: Non, merci. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And where there’s fire is the end of feather dusters like me, malheureusement.  

      Drink: I like to drink water. But I hate rain. Because it turns me into one huge, soggy mop. Ah zut!

      Faith: I believe all zee dust in the world can be cleaned up with effort and persistence. Oui, oui!

      My purrsonality: gentle like a cloud, friendly like a feather, sweet like a cream puff (you can nibble but please don’t eat me)

      I'm a little cream puff, short and stout.

      My conversational interests: Why do they call them dust bunnies? Wouldn’t dust kittens be cuter?

      My hobbies: walking across zee floor and leaving it clean

      Et voilà, zis is how I clean your floor...

      My likes: being brushed (to clean out my feathers), sitting like a little fluffy cloud in your lap

      My dislikes: dirty floors 

      My motto: Let’s clean! 

      My expectations of a relationship: to keep your home dust-free

      Ah zut, I lost my legs again. Eh bien, at least I can be a poofy poofster.

      To learn more about Chevalier, click here. VOKRA's mission is to end cat overpopulation and homelessness. To learn more, or to fill out an adoption application form, visit their website.