YVR ranked most efficient Canadian airport

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      If you're planning to take a flight, you'll be pleased to know that Vancouver is home to the most efficient airport in Canada.

      A team of international aviation academics at the University of British Columbia's Sauder School of Business evaluated and ranked 200 airports and 26 airport groups in the ATRS Global Airport Benchmarking Report.

      They measured the airports according to operational and management efficiency and cost competitiveness. The more efficient the airport is, the cheaper the fees are for both passengers and airlines.

      “Our report finds that the highly efficient airports are more likely to generate a large share of total revenues from concession and other retail activities in terminal buildings, as well as parking, office rentals, and real estate development on airport lands,” UBC professor Tae Oum, who led the study, stated in a news release. “We can also see that airports that outsource terminal services, ground handling and other services also achieve high efficiency.”

      The most efficient airport in the world is the Atlanta International Airport.

      Vancouver International Airport was the top Canadian airport out of 12 airports.

      Calgary came in second for North America's most efficient international airports serving less than 15 million annual passengers.

      The top Canadian airports are:

      1. Vancouver International Airport
      2. Calgary International Airport
      3. Edmonton International Airport
      4. Victoria International Airport

      The top Asian airport is South Korea's Busan Gimhae International Airport while the top European airport is Denmark's Copenhagen Kastrup International Airport. Australia's Sydney Airport led Oceania.

      The most efficient North American airports are all American:

      1. Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (USA)
      2. Charlotte Douglas International Airport (USA)
      3. Minneapolis: St. Paul International Airport (USA)