Vancouver Queer Film Festival 2014: Local marginalized youth express their POWER

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      Local refugee, immigrant, and aboriginal youth get a chance to speak out in the East Vancouver hip-hop, steampunk cabaret show POWER.

      Their stories run the gamut from being abandoned by parents or having toxic boyfriends to awaiting deportation as a refugee or having Asperger's Syndrome. They addressed themes such as racism, sexism, mental health, gangs, addiction, immigration experiences, and more.

      The show (by Miscellaneous Productions) arose out of workshops, dance bootcamp, and rehearsals, and was first performed in 2009 at the now-defunct Rhizome Café, with a sequel, POWER 2.

      The show was dedicated to the late Cass Thompson, an Indigineous youth victims support worker at the Broadway Youth Resource Centre. 

      A documentary about the show will premiere at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival on Saturday (August 23) at 4:30 p.m. at Cineplex Odeon International Village.