Buy your way into Vancouver's West Side with this bungalow listed at a totally justifiable $3.89 million

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      It’s no secret that real-estate listings often try to make modest living conditions sound better than they are.

      “Small” becomes “cozy”. “Fixer upper” means it’s a dump. The word charming can be swapped out with weird. And so on.

      Even stretching the limits of interpretation, it’s getting harder for real-estate agents to find language that justifies the ever-rising prices of Vancouver’s runaway market.

      And so it’s appreciated when an advertisement just comes out and tells it like it is.

      Like this listing has. Here you have a “bungalow”. No pretending it’s a “low-rise manor house” or something like that. It’s just a bungalow.

      The price? A little under $4 million. $3,888,000, to be exact.

      This two-bed, two-bath is located on the city’s affluent West Side near the intersection of West King Edward Avenue and Arbutus Street. It’s our latest entry in a possibly never-ending series that highlight absurd Vancouver real-estate listings. Credit to Ian Young for highlighting it online first.

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