VFM Spotlight: Green Coast Craft Coffee can satisfy your caffeine needs

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      In this series, the Georgia Straight visits different vendors at the Vancouver Farmers Markets to learn about their business, products, and why they love being at the weekly markets.

      Vendor Profile: Green Coast Craft Coffee owned by Kelly McKenzie

      What do you sell? In a nutshell I sell great coffee. But it is so much more than that, I choose premium beans from around the world, roast them in small batches and make a variety of coffee beverages to serve at markets, on city streets and the seawall, from the "Cold Brew Bike."

      How did you get into your business? I have an engineering and food service background. I love people, coffee and bikes so I built a cafe on wheels to bring people together. If there are no people where I am, I pedal to find them!

      What’s your specialty? My specialty is nitro-tapped cold brew coffee. In my commissary kitchen in Vancouver, organic coffee is ground and steeped in cold filtered water for 24 hours, double filtered, kegged and pressurized with nitrogen gas. The result is a sweet and creamy cold brew coffee that pours like a Guinness beer. The nitrogen adds texture—people wonder what's in it and when I answer it's a black coffee they are really surprised.

      Favourite item you sell? The Maple Coconut Cold Brew Latte is made with my handcrafted cold brew concentrate, organic coconut milk and pure Canadian maple syrup. I call it the "Triple Tree Energy Drink"—it sells out early.

      Favourite thing about the city’s farmers markets? The people, vendors, kids, dogs, specialty food, drinks, music, community, trees... I guess you could say the atmosphere of the market could sum it all up!