Felindr Kittens of the Week: The Kittypants family

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      Welcome to Felindr, the Georgia Straight's feline adoption web feature.   

      Each profile is of an eligible catchelor or catchelorette from VOKRA, the non-profit Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association dedicated to the rescue of cats in the Lower Mainland.

      Names: Bloomer, Breeches, Britches, Chino, Corduroy, Jean, and Pantaloon of the Kittypants family

      Bloomer says, "Egads! Look at all these blooming kittens!"

      Profession: feline fashion stylists 

      We're seeking: humans to conduct makeovers upon

      Breeches like to breach the sound barrier.

      Physical description: chic and fashionable; Breeches, Britches, and Chino flaunt a cheetah fashion sense while Corduroy takes his style cues from panthers

      Ethnicity: catanistas

      Britches says, "Hmm, I think I'm getting too big for these britches."

      Want kids? What? We are kids!

      Smoke: Pffft! As if.

      Chino says, "I'm Chino. I'm feeling very khaki."

      Drink: Water rocks

      Faith: We always fly by the seat of our pants

      Cuddly Corduroy will keep you warm.

      Our purrsonalities: Bloomer is a smartypants, Breeches is vocal, Britches is outgoing, Chino gets along with everyone, Corduroy is energetic, Jean is quiet but sweet, and Pantaloon is good natured

      Our conversational interests: Bloomer and Breeches are the most talkative and they have plenty to say

      Jean notices that everyone says they love wearing her for some reason.

      Our hobbies: Bloomer likes to practice standup comedy, Chino likes wrestling, and Pantaloon's daytimer is often packed with activities to do

      Our likes: Chino loves attention, Britches like to patiently wait to be noticed, and Corduroy and Jean love hanging out together (so they must be worn as a pair)

      Pantaloon is a fancypants.

      Our dislikes: camel toe, moose knuckle (ew)

      Our motto: Keep your pants on!

      Our expectations of a relationship: to be the one wearing the pants in this family

      To learn more about the Kittypants family, visit the webpages for Bloomer, Breeches, Britches, Chino, Corduroy, Jean, and Pantaloon. You can also check out Mama Kittypants.

      VOKRA's mission is to end cat overpopulation and homelessness. To learn more, or to fill out an adoption application form, visit their website.