VFM Spotlight: Nuez Milk serves up organic and tasty nutmilk

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      In this series, the Georgia Straight visits different vendors at the Vancouver Farmers Markets to learn about their business, products, and why they love being at the weekly markets.

      Vendor Profile: Nuez Milk owned by Lauren Elbe.

      What do you sell? Fresh-made organic and additive-free nutmilks. 

      How did you get into your business? I started getting super into nutrition about four years ago, and began making everything I ate from scratch, and wanted to share high-quality foods with others. I thought about becoming a nutritionist, but I saw a gap in the market for high-quality nutmilks and decided to start Nuez. It has been a super fun, crazy ride, and I am opening up new accounts almost every week right now!  

      What’s your specialty? Barista Blend Almond, the nutmilk I supply to Elysian Cafe, 33 Acres, and Nectar Juicery around town, is probably what I am best known for!

      Favourite item you sell? My absolute favourite milks are the ones I can get creative with and use local ingredients in. My Lavender Honey Vanilla Almond made with Saanich organic lavender and local honey is one of my most magical blends. I went to their farm this spring to pick up my order and found out the farmer is also a peacock breeder, so there were a zillion beautiful birds walking around the farm! 

      Favourite thing about the city’s farmers markets? I love how market-goers can get connected to a sense of "here-ness" and "now-ness" through our local culture, ecology, and seasons. Each time you go to a market you will see new things based on the time of year or what the producers choose to make and are inspired by. It’s so exciting!